Artist, Gamer, and Nonprofit Worker

My Story

I was born in Crescent City and moved out at age 11. I spent the latter half of my childhood traveling up and down the state, meeting diverse groups of people and bathing in California’s beautiful sundry sights and vistas.

When I returned to Crescent City, my interest turned to nonprofit work. I joined Friday Night Live as councilman, advocating against underage drinking and substance abuse. I worked with a diverse group of youth to pass a law banning smoking in our parks and beaches.

My nonprofit work didn’t end there – in 2010 I went on to work with the California Endowment Program to choose how funds were going to be used to improve our community. I worked with Building Healthy Communities and California Center for Rural Policy as a youth lead during the 2014 and 2015 Youth Training Academy, spending the summer months teaching a group of 100-200 youth valuable job skills in various modern fields.

Recently, my nonprofit work layered over into my interest for web design. After years making websites as a fun side-hobby, I was called on by local nonprofits and Crescent City Harbor District to create an internet presence and tell community stories.

I’m currently working with Wild Rivers Connect to create an online social network and communication hub for nonprofits and related businesses in the Del Norte and Curry County areas. My end goal is to work with Ford Family Foundation to create a platform for inter-organizational communication in regions where resources and organizations are sparse and far apart.

My Vision

I wouldn’t have started my web design business if it weren’t for the help and advice of the many mentors I have met doing nonprofit work in Del Norte County.

I still stick to the reason why I started my business: to create a web presence for communities and organizations who do not have the capacity to do it for themselves. By educating clients to become self-sustainable, I hope to do my part in creating a more inter-connected world.